Stratagems are distinct from strategies. Strategies are long term goals or plans, for example, turtling in your base and massing high level units is a strategy, but a one-time stealth raid is a stratagem.

Stratagems in detailEdit

Thus, a stratagem may be defined as a one-time ruse or trick and not a long term plan, which is nevertheless very useful to win a fight in the long run.

The role of stratagems in ICEdit

Stratagems play an immense role in IC matches. They can even be described as players trying to out-stratagem the other, as long term strategies generally take a backseat to the individual twists and turns of a battle. Raids, labrushes, etc. all fall under such stratagems.

Stratagem 1 : The level 1 rushEdit

Perhaps the easiest stratagem to pull off, this involves creating a creature chamber near enemy bases in order to spam level 1 creatures at them so that they may be overpowered for a quick victory before they are ready.Well prepared players and those who scout shall find such a rush very easy to defend against, however.

Stratagem 2 : The labrushEdit

This stratagem requires elaborate timing and ambushing skills but when done right results in certain victory. The labrush is almost an instant win button done right, but done wrong it spells doom as you have just sacrificed your army for nothing. This stratagem involves making creatures adept at lab destruction, usually possessing frenzy, barrier destroy and flight and making a beeline for the enemy lab. Ambushing must be done properly - appear from behind and make sure the first sighting of your labrushers is over their lab.

Stratagem 3 : The raidEdit

Raids are to be done with very high DPS ( Damage/second ) creatures who can be stealthed. Such creatures are to sneak away to enemy expansions and quickly obliterate henchmen and workshops. Done right, it will be devastating for enemy economies. This strategy may be executed with loners but is not recommended against heavily defended places.

Stratagem 4 : The soundbeam advanceEdit

Against armies lacking in artillery and long ranged offensive attacks, and heavy in sonic it may be wise to form an impenetrable barrier of soundbeam towers around him and building them forward every moment till his forces are obliterated from the towers alone. Such a stratagem is also humiliating to the person being advanced against.

Stratagem 5 : The prongEdit

Two places are to be attacked at once for this stratagem. It will prove difficult for opponents to keep focus and defend both places.

Stratagem 6 : BombardmentEdit

Using terrain as a natural obstacle it may be possible to simply wear down the opponent with bombardier beetles while away from him by a huge distance. Finishing attacks may be dealt by other creatures.