Gameplay Edit

The Point Of Player Vs Computer Is To Beat Your Opponent Before They Do.

Destroy Enemy Lab Edit

The Objective To Destroy Enemy Lab Is To Destroy The Enemy Lab.

Player Vs Computer

Destroy Enemy Base Edit

The Objective To Destroy Enemy Base Is To Destroy Everything You're Opponent Has.
Destroy Base

Our Base Is Under Attack!

Hunt Rex Edit

In Hunt Rex You Gotta Hunt Down The Enemies Rex Chance And Kill Him As Well As Protecting Your Rex Chance.
Impossible Creature Hunt Rex

Hunting Rex Chance

Main Characters Edit

In Player Vs Computer You Get The Main Characters Of Impossible Creatures Excluding Dr Chanikov

Rex Chance Edit

Porceetah Porcupine/Cheetah' Poison Ramog Poison Frog/Ram' Mountain Crocion Mountain Lion/Crocodile' Snowy Panthowl Snowy Owl/Panther' Pirioness Piranha/Lioness' Bullnet Hornet/Bull' Babull Baboon/Bull' Rhineetah Rhinoceros/Cheetah And Lobstale Sperm Whale/Lobster.

Lucy WillingEdit

Camunk Camel/Skunk' Archemel Archerfish/Camel' Chamerine Chameleon/Wolverine' Cheetupine Cheetah/Porcupine' Pantholf Panther/Wolf' Electric Gireel Electric Eel/Giraffe Coyimpanzee Coyote/Chimpanzee' Liopotamus Lioness/Hipppotamus And Coyale Coyote/Sperm Whale.

Whitey Hooten Edit

Archerdog Archerfish/Coyote' Chamena Chameleon/Hyena' Mountain Wolf Mountain Lion/Wolf' Muskupine Musk Ox/Porcupine' Hammerchimp Hammerhead Shark/Chimpanzee' Polar Frog Polar Bear/Poison Frog' Killox Killer Whale/Musk Ox' Tigobster Tiger/Lobster And Shark Owl Great White Shark/Snowy Owl.

Velika Le Pette Edit

Camrat Camel/Rat' Komodo Panthgon Komodo Dragon/Panther' Electric Eelgle Electric Eel/Eagle' Liobull Lioness/Bull' Chimpbat Chimpanzee/Bat' Spitting Bull Spitting Cobra/Bull' Rhinornet Rhinoceros/Hornet' Killer Whalness Killer Whale/Lioness And Snapping Liotle Snapping Turtle/Lioness.