The Landing Pad and Gyrocopter are a pair of structures that provide a single henchman with the ablility to fly.

The Landing Pad is built by Henchmen. Once it is completed, a Gyrocopter can be constructed simply by accessing the Landing Pad's menu. If the Pad is destroyed while the Gyrocopter is on it, the latter will be too.


Concept art of the Gyrocopter.

A single Henchman can pilot the Gyrocopter, allowing him to fly over any natural obstacle. He can pick up a single friendly unit to transport them to new locations and build\repair structures while in the Gyrocopter, but cannot heal. Enemy Anti-Air Towers will attack the Gyrocopter, but the player may return it to the Landing Pad to gradually repair it. If, however, the Gyrocopter is destroyed its pilot and any passengers will be killed. If the Pad is destroyed while the Gyrocopter is airborne, it will not be affected except that it cannot land until a new one is built.

Since Insect Invasion, the Gyrocopter can carry up to 12 passengers. In the Campaign, the Landing Pad and Gyrocopter are unavailable to be built until Mission 6, after rescuing the abandoned pilot.


  • Although only one Landing Pad may be built in a game, it is possible to have two in Mission 6 with the use of a cheat.