Deflection Armour is an ability introduced in Insect Invasion that allows a creature to occasionally deflect an enemy's ranged attack back at them, including Sonic Attack. The likelihood of deflection is based on a creature's Research Level;
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 creatures deflect 35% of attacks.
  • Level 4 creatures deflect 40%.
  • Level 5 creatures deflect 45%.

If, however, the deflecting creature itself is a direct-range attacker, its chances of deflection are reduced by 10%. A creature will not suffer damage from any ranged attack it deflects and the enemy will recieve 100% damage from it. Deflection Amour does not, however, apply to artillery attacks.

Deflection Armour is often used as a counter to Sperm Whale-based enemies because, between the Sonic Attack and Level 5 combat, deflections occur most often in this situation. Aside from high defense, it is one of the few hard counters to this type of attack.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Hercules Beetle (Torso)

Prehistoric Wolf (Torso)

Shield Bug (Torso)