Camouflaged units appear transparent to the player who created them.

Camouflage is an ability that allows creatures who possess it to be undetectable to most enemy units. They will not make footfall sounds or cast shadows, except to the player who created them. Camouflaged units can, however, be detected by enemies with Keen Sense and Sonar Pulse, Soundbeam Towers and Radar Pulse. They will become fully visible when attacking or using triggered abilities, but will Camouflage once again after several seconds.

This ability has potential for both offensive and defensive strategies. Offensively, it can allow creatures to mount sneak attacks and rushes to catch an opponent off guard. Defensively, a Camouflaged creature can scout for a player without being detected. Following the premise that knowledge is power, this will give you an advantage as you know more about an enemy, and they will not know that you know.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Boa Constrictor (Tail)

Chameleon (Tail)

Grasshopper (Tail)

Prehistoric Wolf (Tail)

Rattlesnake (Tail)

Raven (Tail) (Creature Spirits only)

Snowy Owl (Tail) (Creature Chaos only)

Spider Ant (Tail)

Walking Stick (Tail)